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“What can you choose today, that you have never chosen before, that if you will, will change your entire reality"?


Ruhanie is a platform that provides you with a free space, regardless of age, sex and religion, to express yourself candidly without the fear of judgement. Through the light of spirituality, we help you gain an insight and provide solutions that will help you thrive in a practical world.


We at Ruhanie help you by amalgamating the essence of a spiritual insight into your daily lives, to give you a holistic solution to all your questions and find what is true for you.
Our goal is to help you synergize with the universe and the practical world!

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The face behind Ruhanie

What else is possible? How can it be better than this?

Hani Shakir, is a spiritual healer with psychic abilities that allows her to tap into the energy world with ease.
She is trained in different healing modalities and caters to each client’s specific needs making each session unique and fulfilling.

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