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“What can you choose today, that you have never chosen before, that if you will, will change your entire reality?


“Ruhanie” is a platform that is designed for everyone. The sole purpose of this is to get you closer to your spiritual and material goals. It is a non-judgemental space to express yourself freely regardless of age, sex and religion about all issues ranging from physical ailments, psychosomatic diseases, financial instability, love and relationships and more. 

Our aim is to help you find practical solutions using healing methods and tools to thrive in this reality!


We at “Ruhanie” are here to help you with different healing techniques and spiritual tools to get closer to your goals. We specialize in Pranic Healing, Access Bars and Tarot Reading. 

Our goal is to LISTEN ,  ACT  UPON and DELIVER desired results! 

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The face behinde Ruhanie

What else is possible? How can it be better than this?

Hani Shakir, is a psychic intuitive healer that allows her to tap into the energy world with ease. She is trained in different healing modalities and caters to each client’s specific needs making each session unique and fulfilling.

What our Clients Say


100% accurate and honest, Hani is my angel

Hani has cured me from vertigo. I had vertigo in the summer of 2021 and suffered from nausea, headache and dizziness. A friend of mine recommended Hani and I started her sessions and that same day I started to smile and feel alive. she also healed my polyps that I had in my uterus. When I went for my surgery for my polyps the doctor examined me and told me it has disappeared, I didn’t need surgery anymore. Thanks to Hani I was completely cured.

She is amazing and my angel! I would highly recommend to anyone who wants help, is confused, in despair or feeling ill.

La Rosa, Montreal, CA

I recommend her without any hesitation

I have known Ummehani for almost 5 years. Her interpersonal and communication skills have allowed her to develop a very productive working relationship with her clients. I found her to be very easy to talk to, very compassionate, calm and an understanding person. I found her healing powers to be exceptional. I have been consistently impressed by her knowledge and willingness to help me. I recommend her without any hesitation.

Naseem Mohamedali, Vancouver, CA

Healing my fractured finger

I am personally a healer and I practice an energetic healing technique for a while now that has contributed to me immensely in all areas of my life. I reached out to Ummehani for her healing technique when I was going through a lot of pain due to a fracture in my finger. She was a natural! Her session was very nurturing to my body and it released a lot of pain and a lot of the heaviness I had. I have been recommending her services to other people ever since, people that are open to it. She is also very sweet and knows her stuff. Definitely recommend her even if you have never tried this kind of healing before, just like me who was new to this technique.

Yadira Arregoitia, Montreal, CA

Emotional healing and Clarity

As a sport massage therapist, I highly recommend booking a consultation and a session with Hani. My session was amazing, about emotional healing and chakra cleansing for clarity and decision making and more. She is very professional and amazing. I felt better after the session and will continue to take her service even in the future.

James, Montreal, CA

What a wonderful experience!

Hani is so blessed! Talking to her solves half your problems. She is patient and empathetic towards her clients. I booked sessions with her for my daughter Sakina, who suffers from eczema. Within a couple of sessions I saw a drastic change in my daughter’s skin texture and her itching had almost stopped. By the end of all the sessions I can say that Sakina’s skin felt like she never had eczema.

Alifya Poonawala, Sydney, AU

Access Bars for COVID-19

I was tested positive for Covid in July 2020 and I reached out to Hani for an Access bars session. I felt an immediate relief and regained my stamina in the coming days. She is hands-on with what she does and she knows exactly what her client needs. I was very satisfied with the session and it helped me a lot, both physically and emotionally.



Yahya Hussein, Surat, IN

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