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CHOICE: The Infinite Possibility


Ever wondered what CHOICE is and how you can choose to create the life you have always desired to have?

Have you ever given it a thought or realized that your present is the accumulation of all the choices you have made from birth until now. And yet we say,“I don’t know how I got into this mess?”

Isn’t it ironic, that you feel it was created by an outer force or that something or someone led you to your present. In fact it has always been your own choices that lead you to the lives you hate.

“You are a combination and result of all your choices you have made in life” -Ruhanie


Why do you keep choosing the same things that limit you? Do you attract a similar type of partner every single time? Do you choose the same financial realities time and again? Do you end up spinning in the same wheel of thoughts and emotions?

You have brought into other people’s points of views about your body, your emotions, your financial reality and how you do relationships in this reality. You choose everything that proves your point of view or other people’s points of view about life. You subconsciously keep choosing from the same place and expect to create something totally different. How insane is that?

Have you heard people say: “oh you can earn money only if you work hard” or “money doesn’t come easy” or “relationships are all about compromise and adjustments”.

Do you really believe that? Or are you trying to fit into this limiting reality? Does a part of your mind say, “oh I would like relationships to be fun but I guess everyone is suffering/ compromising/ adjusting and probably that’s the only way to do relationships, so how can I have/choose anything different”? You feel you don’t have a choice but to be ‘normal’.

You buy into that point of view, make it your own and then make every possible choice to prove that you’re right to think that.

You will only choose the path of hard work to make money because the point of view is that money isn’t easy, so how can I choose anything that is easy. Easy won’t make me money or easy is too easy so it won’t even be a possibility.

So you are ideally telling the universe, hey universe! just block all easy opportunities to make money, because I have chosen to receive money only through hard work. So no matter what, you will receive money only the hard way and even if there was a door of possibilities that could be easy, you have already rejected that possibility to manifest in your reality.

Choose from non-judgement. That choice truly creates expansive possibilities.

Choose from the sense of ‘what will contribute to my life and make it greater’, rather than ‘I will choose this because I think this is the only right way of doing it, or because, someone somewhere in some lifetime decided that this is how society and human beings should function’.

Choice is the door to different possibilities! And if you’re trying to crack some code to happiness and doing things the right way, then you are functioning from this limiting reality and not from total awareness.

If you are trying to justify being right you are definitely wrong!

Check this space for upcoming blogs that explain the concept or rather the judgement of right and wrong in our reality.

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