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“Source of creation”

” Source of creation”

We spoke about creation of your life through CHOICES in the first blog of this series; and the non-judgement of right and wrong or good and bad in the previous blog ‘The battle between right versus wrong’, but what are the different sources of creation ?

You read about judgements creating limitations and choices that stem from these limiting beliefs, can really put you off track in life. I hope everyone reading this is over the rights and wrongs and ready to take on this next step of creation with me.

Let’s break this into four parts of creation:

  1. Being in the question always
  2. Choosing
  3. Possibilities
  4. Contribution

If you create a question, you get multiple choices. If you make a choice, you get the universe to create and show you the innumerable possibilities that stem from each choice. Possibilities then create the contribution you can receive from the universe.

“Questions are not made for answers. Questions have the potency to unlock different choices that we never thought existed”- Ruhanie

1. Being in the question always:

Why do you have to ask questions? To get answers? Absolutely NOT ! You ask questions to create multiple choices and an awareness for you. You don’t have to turn into Sherlock Holmes and start fetching for answers and solving problems.

Being in the question allows you to have multiple choices without getting stuck in the various points of views about the situation at hand. These points of views can sometimes, almost all the time, put you in a circle of never ending chaos. Fetching answers always takes you back in time, and that is not the way to move forward for sure!

Eg: What will it take for this relationship to work?

Let the universe send you an awareness, maybe you meet someone who tells you something that changes your entire reality. What if your partner has an experience at work that changes his/her thought process that was a hindrance in your relationship.

What will it take for money to show up for me? / What does my body like to eat ? etc…

Four questions that you can use for any situation at any given point of time:

• What is this ?
• What can I do with this
• Can I change it ?
• If so, how can I change it ?

2. Choosing:

Once you have questions that create multiple awarenesses and as a result multiple choices, you now choose the path you want to head towards. Once you choose, that new door will open up more questions and choices. So you don’t have to be stuck with one choice, if it doesn’t work you can again start with a question which will lead you to another set of choices which will open up possibilities of different outcomes and results. The key is to choose, because we ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS have a choice.

*What can I choose today that I have never chosen before, that if I will, will unlock every possible opportunity that I have been waiting for? *

3. Possibilities :

Possibilities are the different doors you have opened by asking questions that are available at your disposal, whether you choose it or not is another story. Choice gives you different possibilities with different outcomes. You then have the control to choose where you would like to head.

What will this choice do for me and my life?

What will my life be in the next five years if I choose this ?

What will my life be in the next five years if I don’t choose this ?

Lightness = Truth (expansive feeling)

Heaviness = Lies (contracting feeling)

Choose wisely !!

4. Contribution:

Once the decision is made you have to be in acceptance of the contribution this choice is going to be to your life. Sometimes it will feel like it is not right or not going as per planned but if it felt right in the first go, then wait for the universe to unfold the path one step at a time. Every step is a contribution to the end goal. If you wont allow each step to contribute to you, you will then be a hindrance in the way of your own choices.

“Receiving contribution is being in an ‘interesting point of view’ about all your thoughts, feelings and emotions during the journey” – Ruhanie

All these 4 are tied together as the creation model for your life. These simple steps are the most important that determine how you shape your life. Are you choosing from fear, grief, sadness ?? or are you willing to ask questions and create more choices and possibilities?

Stay tuned for some earth shaking, ground breaking new revelations in my next blog.

Are you ready to get on this joy ride with me or are you choosing to be normal again??

source of creation

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