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Choice Challenge


I wish I had the choice to do this/ I wish I could change this/ only if I had a choice for this it would be different for me. The most common Choice Challenge! 

How many of us say this? Or are guilty of thinking like this, for the problem areas of our lives. The easiest thing to say is I don’t have a choice, if I had, things would have been different.This is firstly not true, we all have a choice. Secondly, we have the choice to change the choice that we originally made. 

Einstein defined insanity as, “choosing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. That is the insanity most of us function from. We keep choosing things that feel heavy, non-contributive and yet we expect something to magically change and give us a different result.

Most of us function from the ‘autopilot’ mode. It is a mode that is conditioned by society, culture, our parents and peers about all the rights and wrongs. Our first response to any situation triggers the autopilot and does not allow us to choose a different possibility or from a space that could be more contributive to us. 

Most people have a plan laid out for what life should look like and installed a system/ routine in place to work towards that. They feel they don’t need to be aware of anything else anymore, it is like a horse blinder that keeps them from seeing anything else and just moving towards the goal. What gets missed is the many possibilities that open up along the route which may seem different from cultural and family  conditioning,  but are more contributive to you and your life. It is only if you allow your awareness to shine in every moment, will you be able to create a life greater than anything you have ever imagined. Why would you want to be a millionaire if there is the possibility of being a billionaire? 

“Your choices in the past don’t define you, what defines you, are the choices that you are about to make today!” -Ruhanie 

Choice challenge

The trick is to choose in 10-second increments. What is 10-second increments?

 10-second increments of choice allows you to be in the present, in the now, it allows you to change anything and everything. If you start choosing in 10 seconds every time, you are not bound by a “done deal” or a “permanent commitment”, because everything is subject to change in the next 10 seconds.

Do you have anything you would like to change in your body? What if doing so were as easy as making another choice when the next 10 seconds rolls around? Do you want to change your mood from being angry or change how your body feels? What if you can choose to be happy or choose something else that your body would like when the next 10 seconds roll out? 

Does that sound impossible? That very impossibility shows us how locked and stuck we are in the inability to change what we have created or chosen for our lives and bodies. What will it take to choose something different? What will it take to ditch the auto pilot and the all knowing, and plunge into the unknown ocean of possibilities? 

What the 10 seconds increments do, is that, they allow you to be more aware and break the conditioning that has you figuring things and planning it out in advance. It helps to break the ‘auto pilot’ mode we all function from. 

If you choose  in 10-second increments, you can’t judge anything in 10 seconds, it’s here and then it’s gone. If you make a choice in those 10 seconds you leave no room for judgement and making yourself wrong. If you get into the judgment and keep pondering over choices, you must have realized that you start punishing yourself for your choices. This pondering may last for days, weeks and even months sometimes. But if you use 10 second increments you can’t do that. More like ‘oh I choose that for 10 seconds, but what can I choose next?’

Hourglass, Time, Hours, Clock

This creates innumerable choices and possibilities for you. A classic example is parenting. We often feel obliged that we must do this and do that and if we don’t, we are bad parents. But do we truly enjoy doing things that we MUST do? Yet, we keep choosing them time and again because we think we have no choice and the fear of being judged as a bad parent, either by ourselves or by  others, is another reason to do it. When you live in 10-second increments, you get to choose and then choose again. You don’t have to stay stuck making bad decisions—or good decisions. 

By living in 10 seconds increments of choice it allows you to be present at all times and prevents you from drawing conscious conclusions about what you are supposed to do. 

“It’s fun and light to do thighs we like to do versus what we’re supposed to do”- Ruhanie 

Another thing that can add to this is to ask questions when you make a choice. Is this choice going to contribute to my life? The 10 seconds rule is magical and easy and you have to do it from the get go, use it for simple things like choosing what to wear. The biggest decisions will become easier once your muscles are trained to use choice instead of going into autopilot again. 

Our auto pilot is always making us do things we ought to do and not the things that would contribute to us. Choosing every 10 seconds is like changing your clothes and trying new stuff until you decide what looks best.  That choice could either last for 10 seconds or even a day. 

The most important thing to remember is to know and acknowledge that if you don’t  like something there is ALWAYS a choice! 

Let me know in comments section below what different choices are you making and how much did this tool contribute to you and your body?


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