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What if Money wasn’t the problem?

What if Money wasn’t the problem? 

Money is one of the areas where people are constantly struggling. It’s an area in most people’s lives that causes trauma, lack, need and disappointment. 

Ever wondered whether money is the problem or something else? What if money isn’t the problem, but you are?  Did you buy into someone else’s problem of money or did you create it yourself?

Money is simply a choice. Whether you choose to have it or not depends on YOU!

Now I’m sure  this sounds like a truckload of c**p . True, when I first heard it myself, I was like this is a whole new level of bullshit I’m listening to. How can it be possible that although I want money, I am the reason that it is not getting created? As time passed, every time I thought about money and all the trauma I had around it, I knew it was my limitation that was not allowing me to choose to have money, or receive TRUCKLOADS of money.  I knew I had total control over my money problems, yet I was always choosing the same things and expecting a different outcome for my financial situation. I was trying to earn from a point of view of lack and need, rather than the joy of creating money. Stay with me, it gets easier to understand I promise. 

What do I mean by limitation? 

I had several points of views about money out of which some were my own, through my own experiences, and 99.99999% of the others were all the lies I had bought into about other people’s points of views on money.  I was subconsciously choosing to limit myself to not have more money to prove all my points of views right about how much I lacked in my life, how unhappy I am because of that lack and so on. Although I wanted a lot of money, my constant judgement of money led to not receiving any money at all. The day I acknowledged that I had these points of views, I started to change my financial reality. I know this sounds too easy and trust me, IT IS.

My POV (point of view)- I didn’t think it was easy to earn money and believed that I had to work very hard to earn money. I created so many obstacles to prove my point of view right. When I acknowledged that as just a point of view and not a reality, I started receiving money. I received gifts, I received some money from a person who owed me money, one day I realized I had kept a huge amount of cash in my purse which I had forgotten about. Money is easy, I just sat at home and received it without going into the wrongness of me or how easily it was showing up. Money just started showing up because I was willing to receive it without any point of view/ judgement. I was now receiving it with joy rather than the fear of running out of it and working really hard to earn the money I spent. 

A few common opinions/ judgements/ point of views about money:

  1. Money comes only with hard work 
  2. Money is the root cause of all evil 
  3. Rich people are arrogant 
  4. Money makes relationships fall apart 
  5. I don’t deserve  money 
  6. I am not smart enough/qualified enough to make so much money and many more. 

All these statements are what we pick up subconsciously through movies, media, friends and family and society as a whole. 

I will explain how these points of views cuts off your receiving for money.

Let’s work with this Eg 1: “Rich people are arrogant”. 

If you judge ‘arrogance’ and ‘pride’ as a wrongness and associate that with being rich, will you ever be able to make tons of money? The judgment that being arrogant is wrong and rich people are arrogant = I will not create truckloads of money because I don’t want to come across as arrogant. You are subconsciously choosing to have less money because you don’t want people to judge you. Your judgements and points of views about money and also the unwillingness to receive judgment, cuts off your receiving. 

Eg 2: “I don’t deserve money/ I am not smart enough/ I am not qualified enough to make money”.  

All these points of views are either embedded through some experience of our own or, we have picked it up from someone else. We have all seen people who we consider to be not so smart,  making a lot of money. We have also seen under-qualified people with jobs/ businesses that are doing really well. Now is it the degree or smartness that got them the job? Or is it their willingness to go out there and receive money. If you have noticed, these kinds of people don’t have any judgment about the importance of a degree, or how smart they are, they just want money and they create it! 

“Oh! I really need this degree, experience etc. then and only then can I be rich and earn money”. Is that the truth? Or is it just your point of view? 

I can give you infinite examples of such points of views, but you get the jist of how points of views and judgements can limit our receiving. 

What do you love about money? What do you hate about money? What do you love about having money? What do you hate about having lots of money? 

All your points of views about money contribute to your financial reality. How much do you resist money because of making it wrong and evil ? Do you make money and rich people wrong? Are you unable to receive money because you have concluded that money is the root of all evil? 

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Let’s start with the basics. You are thinking, I get it and I am aware of my judgments and points of views but now what ? How do I earn more money? 

  1. Clear your points of views on money 
  2. Ask questions 
  3. Be in ‘Interesting Point of View’ about every point of view, whether it is yours or someone else’s. Do not buy into other peoples truths and doubts around money. 
  4. Change the stress around money, find the joy. Money follows the energy of Joy.  

We spoke briefly about how points of views can limit our receiving and block money. Let’s dive into the second point of asking questions. 

A few questions that you can ask: 

  • What can I Choose to have more money 
  • What will it take for me to receive money with ease 
  • What can I change to have and receive money with ease 
  • What judgements and points of views are limiting my financial reality 


“Money is an energy that allows you to be more of you. BE YOU and Be rich, it’s simple”- Ruhanie 


Being in ‘Interesting Point of View’ rather than judgements, creates more possibilities. If you make judgements and statements like, money only comes with hard work, that is a conclusion. How can there be any other possibility if you already know the conclusion? If you keep making choices based on a stuck point of view, how can you expect anything different to show up? Being in an interesting point of view allows you to be aware of everything without any judgment and gives you the freedom to choose. 

“Conclusions =  No possibilities”

Are you willing to make the ask and let the possibilities show up ? 

Money will show up if you don’t pay too much attention in desperation for it to show up. Put it  into the universe and leave it. Ask questions and allow the universe to shower you with different possibilities and then choose.

For eg:   In an expensive shop, look around and ask,” I would like to have one of those. What will it take for the money to show up for this? “

Asking for it even if you can’t afford it, without having a judgment that you can’t afford it, don’t go into the wrongness of the situation and yourself, rather say, someday I will come back to get this. What will it take for me to afford this?  

Exercise: Go to the most expensive store with the intention that you could have anything , then ask, what is it that I truly desire? Will buying or having it contribute to me? If money wasn’t the issue what would I choose?  

*Food for thought*: We make money more dominant and powerful than ourselves and to prove our point of view that we don’t have enough, we look at things and justify that it’s too expensive and we can’t afford it, hence we are not wealthy enough. But if you had all the money in the world would you still choose it??

what if money isn't the problem?

“Your relationship with money is what defines the possibilities you can create with it”- Ruhanie


I have put in a few small nuggets to ignite this thought around money and how we create these limitations and stress around it. Watch out for the next few blogs where I will be diving in deeper and placing some more life changing tools in addition to these, for you to create your own reality with money! Some of this may not be relatable cognitively, but if it makes your energy shift in any way,  maybe that’s the awareness and starting point for you. 

**What energy, space, consciousness, magic, mysteries, miracles and possibilities can you be to have total ease with money for all of eternity. Everything that doesn’t allow that destroy and uncreate times a godzillion. Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC all 9 shorts boys and beyonds (Link to the explanation of the clearing statement and where it comes from and what it does) **

Beware, this might make you rich!!  

All these tools are from Access Consciousness and I’m a certified Access Bars Practitioner. Get in touch with me for a session or just a chat. What can we contribute to each other? 

Let’s become money magnets ? Shall we? 


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