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“What can you choose today, that you have never chosen before, that if you will, will change your entire reality"? - RUHANIE

“Ruhanie” is a platform that is designed for everyone. The sole purpose of this is to get you closer to your spiritual and material goals.  It is a non-judgemental space to express yourself  freely regardless of age, sex and religion about all issues ranging from physical ailments, psychosomatic diseases, financial instability, love and relationships and more. 

Our aim is to help you find practical solutions using  healing methods and tools  to thrive in this reality! 

Ruhaine Hani Shakir

About Me

- Hani Shakir

I’m an intuitive healer trained in different healing modalities.  I first realized my psychic abilities as a child, but truly expanded my knowledge and honed my craft a decade ago. 

I have been practicing since the past ten years now with many success stories that I’m truly grateful for. A big smile on the face and a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ is what has kept me going and wanting to do more with each passing day. 

I incorporate all different modalities to design a client centric session with unique tools keeping each clients specific problem areas in mind. 

I am trained in advanced levels of Pranic Healing’. Pranic healing is a science and art that utilizes ki or life energy to cleanse, energize and replenish vital energy and harmonize the chakras.

I am also anAccess Bars Practitioner’, which is a hands-on healing technique that involves gently touching 32 points on your head. This releases anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime.

Why Choose Me?

How will you know you are making the right choice ?

As part of the initial stages of understanding my client, I provide a free phone consultation to understand the pain points and what type of healing will be best suited and number of sessions required based on the discussion. I analyze deep rooted problems and design a holistic healing approach to get the desired results.

 As a practitioner with over 10 years of experience and many success stories, I ensure that you are getting the right help with well researched spiritual tools that benefit your wellbeing.

Each client is treated differently. I follow the energy of my clients body and use my intuition and psychic abilities to cater to their specific needs.

I provide clearings and methods that can be used even post the healing  sessions to maintain the new energy shift. All these methods and clearings are a gift from me to you.

 Every session with me ensures complete and total trust of privacy and confidentiality. I strive to create a secure and comfortable space for all my clients.

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