Relationships : Unblocking 1.0

Relationships : Unblocking 1.0

“Relationships : Unblocking 1.0”

Are you willing to have a relationship that truly contributes to you? Are you willing to unblock the countless possibilities?

What if there was joy in having a relationship? Regardless of what you or your partner chooses?

“What do you mean by ‘divorce-less relationships’ and how can you have a divorce-less relationship?”


Oftentimes you catch yourself feeling like you can’t tell the other person certain things because of fear of their judgement, or you would say oh! I won’t go out for my run because I will use that time to spend with my partner even if that means giving up on what I truly enjoy doing.

How many times have you thought that you have to give up something in order to maintain a healthy relationship, that if you choose to be you; unfiltered, the relationship would come crumbling down.

“Relationships are not bringing two pieces of a puzzle that are shaped a certain way to fit perfectly. It is about being two pieces that contribute and expand each other rather than just fitting in” – Ruhanie 

What will it take for me to truly have a great relationship without losing or divorcing parts of me?

We do things for other people with the judgement of losing them. If I don’t do this they won’t be happy, if I choose this for myself they will not like it. You assume and decide that the other person will judge you for saying it and you start divorcing parts of you in the process. We do this in every relationship from friends, family, spouse and colleagues at work. You actually judge these parts of yourself and this is not the place you want to create a relationship from.

Relationships are about Allowance. Allowing yourself and the other person to be. ‘To be’ can be simply put as an interesting point of view. It’s interesting that my partner would like to do this, and they choosing this has nothing to do with not choosing me or choosing something over me.

This eliminates the judgement from the relationship. Allowance is about non-judgement about yourself and them. Judgement is not being kind to each other.

Here’s 4 questions from Access Consciousness® that you can use to change anything: “What is this? What can I do with it? Can I change? How can I change it?”

Check out the next blog “5 elements of intimacy” for more in depth discussion and points on how to do relationships different and expansive.

Let the magic begin!  

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